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Dah Chang Securities was established in 1989. It later acquired Dah Shan Securities in 1994, setting up subsidiaries with 6 business locations in Shulin, Ankang, Xinzhu and Taoyuan. In order to provide its clients with a full range of wealth management services, Dah Chang extended its business coverage by establishing Dah Chang Investment Consultant Co., Ltd. in 1999, Dah Chang Insurance Brokers in 2003 and Dah Chang Futures in 2010.

In the ongoing pursuit of providing excellent services to its clients, Dah Chang received the ISO 9002 certification in August 1999, obtaining accreditation at an international level. After 5 years commitment in R&D, Dah Chang pioneered the development of an Oracle database integration system and fully implemented the TCP/IP trading system. Dah Chang has since gained its recognition as the most efficient trading platform provider by clients and peers in the market, as Dah Chang is able to conclude each trade in less than 0.1 second. The continuous devotion to R&D has established Dah Chang’s leadership position in the industry. Dah Chang launched the nation’s first mobile trading flash drive in October 2008 and later introduced the nation’s first television-trading device in October 2012, establishing a boundary-free trading environment for Dah Chang’s clients. Dah Chang has an award-winning policy in training and strengthening the professional expertise of its staff and was awarded the TTQS National Training Quality System certification in 2009.

The commitment of Dah Chang’s Chairman, Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang, to promoting trading and development in the securities and futures markets has led to his succession of serving on the 1st and 3rd Board of Supervisors; and the 2nd, 4th, 5th and currently the 6th Board of Directors for the Taiwan Securities Association since 1998. During his current term on the Board of Directors for the Taiwan Securities Association, Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang was also appointed as the Convener for the Brokerage Association Committee. The notable contribution of Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang’s expertise to the Taiwanese securities and futures market reform and development is highly recognized by Dah Chang’s peers and clients in the market. Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang received the Award for the “Outstanding Convener for the Brokerage Association Committee” in 5 consecutive years from 2007 to 2012. In 2009, Mr. Chuang was presented with the “Outstanding Corporate Leader Award” in the 10th Golden Goblet Award Ceremony for Outstanding Securities Professionals. In recognition of the contribution of Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang’s services in the Taiwanese securities and futures markets, Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang received the “Golden Businessman Award” by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2010. In 2012 Mr. Chuang was appointed to serve on the 3rd Board of Directors for the Taiwan Futures Association, highlighting the expertise and integrity of Dah Chang in conducting its businesses and serving its clients.

Under the leadership of Mr. Huei-Yao Chuang, Dah Chang continues to strive for upholding its reputation for providing clients with the ultimate “Professionalism, Service-driven, Business Foresight and Innovation” in its services to strengthen its client ties for its long-term sustainable leadership in the securities and futures markets.








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